Biophysics Research Group

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Biophysics group vision

We aim to create an atmosphere of wellbeing in our group. We believe that happy team members will perform at their best, and we expect team members to help each other within their possibilities. Team members are expected to recognize the importance of self-care, recognizing that our minds are valuable and precious. We aim for everybody to grow and become the best scientist and person they can be. We fully support our students and team members in the process of growth and we recognize the unique struggles every individual faces. We aim that everybody respects and listens to each other. There are no bad ideas, no bad questions and our task is to identify the most promising research avenues. We recognize that creativity is the most important ability of a scientist and foster it through open and provocative discussions. However, we also recognize that creativity alone is wasted without investing the time and energy to necessary to realize our ideas. We are willing to fail and take risks, acknowledging that not every venture can succeed but that this process is fundamental to scientific advances.

We aim to do science in an efficient way. Sometimes it is necessary to invest time in writing good code, even if it does not directly result in a publication. However, over time, this will benefit the group and the scientific process in the long run. We will publish science which we think is important, without thinking about the number of publications. However, we do keep in mind the future possibilities of each group member. We also aim for all the efforts of members to live beyond publication and PhD dissertation. In the end, we hope our research will have a direct impact on health care.

We are dedicated to provide a harassment-free, safe environment for everyone, regardless of race, nationality, religion (or lack thereof), gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, politics and appearance. Harassment of group members is not tolerated, in any form. Also, if any inappropriate behavior is reported via other channels (like conferences), we will do our best to take measures to protect our students and team members. We regard the following content as inappropriate for any venue, including meetings, presentations, and/or discussions: sexual language and imagery, racially charged slurs and jokes, and threats to physical safety. Research group members are expected to adhere to the code of conduct during all academia related activities, such as presentations, attending conferences and public education events.